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Modern wireless networks are inherently limited by

  • the availability of the radio spectrum and

  • how efficiently it is allocated between the many competing uses.

Future systems will continue to rely on ever more efficient use of this spectrum and opening up new spectrum frontiers especially at high frequencies towards 100GHz.


The key challenge is to understand how the inevitably increasing carrier frequency and system bandwidth will impact radio access network design, efficiency and equitable availability of connectivity.


The key research question is to investigate and experiment the trade-off between network density, capacity and implementation cost as a function of the increasing carrier frequencies.

Besides wireless technologies and related transceivers, it is uttermost important to understand how the business landscape is changing: ownership of spectrum, network infrastructure and content as well as customers are subject to major changes due to introduction of new dense networking architectures operating at high frequencies.

  • Future Radio Access
  • RAN Optimization and Management
  • Antennas and Propagation
  • Baseband Algorithms
  • Radio Transceivers
  • 5G Test Network
  • Vertical Applications
  • Business Models
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