Radio Transceivers

State-of-the-art radio frequency transceivers are highly programmable but still physically constraint elements in wireless systems that enable and restrict capabilities of future communications.


Flexibility in applications envisioned for 5G pose very diverse requirements for RF design. Extremely high data rates, carrier frequencies up to 100GHz or even more and demand for power and cost efficiency are trade-offs in high-end solutions for infrastructure and mobile devices.


On the other hand, extremely low power radios for IoT require dedicated electronics design techniques as well as capability to trade-off performance constraints optimally for each application.


Modern RF transceiver design takes requirements coming from user demands and recent radio access research and constructs new RF architecture concepts for new 5G applications with in depth implementation studies.


For comprehensive understanding prototype implementations including RFIC’s (radio frequency integrated circuits) are needed and boundary conditions are provided for radio access and digital signal processing research towards holistic system optimization. Also, modern RF design includes use of various digital signal processing techniques and algorithms for control and compensation of RF non-idealities whenever possible.

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